All of the beers we have on draft at Lafayette Brewing Co are brewed with care in the basement of our facility in the Hotel @ the Lafayette.  Our 15 Barrel system turns out 465 gallon batches year round, and are unique to our establishment!  You can only get our beer from us, so make sure to stop in and try one today!

Terminiator Pale Ale The traditional pale ale is pushed to the line between IPA and Pale ale with loads of high-powered Pacific Northwest hops that provide bitterness, flavor, and aroma. The name is an homage to Mr. Rocco Termini, our partner in the Hotel Lafayette project.

High Iron Ale; Belgian Wit Our white ale, also called a Belgian wit, is a wheat beer with spices. Flavors of orange and coriander are brought together by a unique Belgian yeast that heightens the spiciness.

Lackawanna Lager A traditional German style pilsner brewed with NYS malt from Niagara Malt and traditional imported German hops.  This beer is fermented at a cooler temperature, then aged or lagered for at least 6 weeks before making its way to our serving tanks.

Roosevelt Red Our signature beer, Roosevelt Red is an Irish Red Ale that highlights the smooth depth of lightly roasted malts. The deep red color comes from a mix of roasted, caramel, and chocolate malts and is followed by a slight hop flavor from traditional English hops.

Rough Rider Robust Porter Deep and dark, this porter presents a host of flavors on the dark side of the spectrum. Black coffee and chocolate flavors intermingle with black licorice and dark toffee. While slightly higher in alcohol, the porter doesn’t feel any heavier on the palette and even lifts up a bit due to the background flavors of spicy German hops.